August 30, 2008

My Little Scrap Space - Part 2

Remember these plastic storage bins that I picked up at the dollar store?

Today I lined them up on my dining room table with the goal of organizing my embellishments by color. I started with my favorite embellishments: Prima flowers and ribbons.

It was not a shock to me that I needed TWO bins for my PINK ones *smile*

Well I underestimated how many of these bins I was going to need. I used 9 of the 10 that I had bought just for flowers and ribbons, so I am going to have to go get a bunch more for the rest of my embellishments.

Not a lot of exciting progress on my scrap space, I know, but I am happy about being a step closer to having my stuff more organized! :)

August 23, 2008

My Little (Unorganized) Scrap Space

My friend Dee Dee has been talking about her dream scrap room on her blog, which has motivated me to post about my own scrap space here on my blog.

Someday, I will live in a house that has a fabulous room dedicated entirely to my crafting. Have you seen some of those amazing rooms?? Try doing a google search for scrap room, or for scrapbook room, and prepare to acquire some major scrapbook room envy! Someday... :)

In the meantime, my scrap space is the corner of our little dining room. I do all of my scrapping at the dining room table.

I have been storing most of my stuff in and around a china cabinet in there. The cabinet is one of those ready-to-assemble pieces. It's made by Martha Stewart and I found it at Kmart about a year ago for around $200-$250. It took me a couple hours to put it together but it was worth it.

When the cabinet is actually organized, it does look rather cute with flowers and ribbons and other fun things showing through its glass doors on the shelves. Sadly, it is not organized and cute right now.

I am currently working on reorganizing this cabinet so that I can actually see what all I have in there. I have cute baskets on the upper shelves that I use for storing my ribbon, my flowers, my stamps, my adhesives, my chipboard letters, my dies, my tools and so forth.

But inside the bottom half of the cabinet, behind the doors, is an unorganized mess of various embellishments inside various storage containers. What ends up happening is that I don't know what I have in there so I end up not using any of it! That needs to change...

So I bought a bunch of these plastic storage containers at the dollar store for $1 a piece and thought I would try sorting embellishments by color, and then stacking the containers on the shelves inside the bottom part of the cabinet.

My thinking is that I can then pull out the container that has the color that I'm working with, and find coordinating stuff to use. Do you think that's a good idea?? I would love any suggestions!!!

I also have two of these Iris Scrapbook Carts from and another cart on the way.

When on sale, they are a good deal. I think I paid about $50 a piece for them. Each cart comes with 6 removable snap top cases. I do not use the little wheels on the bottom of the carts, but instead I stack the carts on top of one another. Here are my two carts stacked up:

I have found this to be a great way for me to store my paper and cardstock. As soon as my third cart arrives, I am going to reorganize all of my paper and cardstock by color. I think that will make it so much easier to find what I want to find.

Oh, I temporarily have all of my Prima flowers in one of those carts. As part of my reorganization, I took all of them out of their various glass and plastic bottles, jars, and cans, and put them into these bins by color. I will be moving them though to those smaller clear storage containers soon.

Let's consider this post to be the "before" post. Someday, I will have a fabulous scrap room with beautiful coordinating furniture and decor. When that time comes, I will be sure to take lots of pictures and write the "after" post :)

I would love to see what your scrap space looks like, so leave a comment with a link if you would like to share!