June 28, 2009

So Happy...

... to have a sister who is also my dear friend! Stephanie came out to spend a few days with me in Salt Lake City while I was there for the IVF. It was so great to have her there for the companionship and emotional support (and what can be better than her skills as a critical care nurse for administering the shots to me!).

You know, if our IVF is successful, Stephanie will have had a part in helping us make the baby. How cool is that?!

She was there with me in the early part of the trip, before I had to be on bed rest, so we got to do some sight-seeing and eating out. We shared a lot of laughs during those days especially when I was trying to take pictures of us together by just holding the camera out in front of us. Some of the pictures turned out so stupid looking but that just made us laugh all the more. We snapped about 12 photos trying to get a good one, and I thought these 4 would make a fun layout :)

(sketch by Juliana Michaels)

By the way I just love Kraft cardstock! It is so versatile and looks good with nearly any patterned paper! I am running low and need to order some in bulk :D

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June 24, 2009

Symbolic Elements

While it's impossible to document all of the emotions that I've been going through with this whole IVF process, today I tried to capture some of my feelings in this layout. I think the symbolic elements add a lot to the meaning.

(click on the photos to enlarge)

All those little flowers that are all over the edges of the layout represent the wonderful wishes and prayers that we feel around us from our family and friends.

The two big flowers symbolize our hope for twins (of course we would be thrilled if we get even just one)!

The clock represents our need to watch the time in order to administer the shots at the same time every day.

The tied string represents the fact that everything must come together perfectly in order for this to work.

The torn binding edge on the red paper symbolizes all the pieces of notebook paper I've accumulated with notes and instructions about various aspects of the process.

(The paper is from an older collection by Cosmo Cricket (Dutch Girl) and the sketch that I used was made by Liz Qualman)

Well, we have about a week to go before we find out if we succeeded or not...

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June 22, 2009

It's Been Awhile!!

Things have been rather hectic and interesting over the past several weeks with all the craziness that goes along with a school year coming to an end and then my nearly two-week trip away from home for the In Vitro Fertilization.

Time is strange. Sometimes it goes so slowly and other times it's gone in an instant. One moment I am all stressed out and anxious about how long I still have to wait for something and then another moment I am in disbelief about what's already come and gone.

It seems like it took forever and ever to begin the IVF process and now that we've been through the entire thing, all we can do now is continue the hormone shots and survive the lengthy two-week wait until we can find out if we succeeded or not.

It really is nerve-wracking not to know if it worked or not after all of the emotions, time, money, and procedures we've been through. We want so very badly to have a child of our own. They say to try to keep your mind off of it and just rest during the wait. Uh, well the resting part isn't so bad, but, keep my mind off of it?? Not gonna happen.

Well I am trying to remain positive, encouraged, and cautiously optimistic during this waiting time, and what better thing than some scrapping therapy to calm the nerves, right?!

I created this layout today for a challenge at Scrapbook Doodle to use Cosmo Cricket goodies. I used the Everafter collection (sketch by Beggahuna).

This is my dear niece and goddaughter, Amber. She's such a blessing to me and I can't help but feel positive and happy when I think of her.

Hopefully this is just the first of many layouts that I get finished this summer!