October 11, 2009

Creating Handmade Lollipop Flowers!

I'm sure many of you have seen and even played with those pretty flowers made by Prima Marketing called "Lollipop flowers".

Well, I'd like to show you how simple and fun it is to create your own handmade lollipop flowers! I know that many of you already make these as I've seen them on your amazing layouts! So please bear with me as I attempt to inspire the rest of us :)

Let's get started!

Step 1: Gather your supplies (patterned paper, scissors, edge distresser, mini mister (or regular squirt bottle), heat tool, white acrylic paint, Stickles (or other glitter glue), glue dots, twine, and a button).

Step 2: Using your scissors, cut 3 squares from the patterned paper, making the second square about a half-inch larger than the first, and making the third square about a half-inch larger than the second.

Step 3: Next, trim one of your squares into the shape of a circle. The circle does not have to be perfect!

Step 4: Trim the remaining squares into circles.

Step 5: Using your edge distressing tool, distress the edge of your first circle.

Step 6: Repeat the distressing process for the other two circles.

Step 7: Using your mini mister (or squirt bottle), spray clean water onto the edges of your first circle.

Step 8: Continue to spray the entire circle, getting a bit of water in the center of it as well.

Step 9: Next, crumple the wet circle in the palm of your hand, smashing it all up!

Step 10: Unfold your crumpled circle and then bunch up the edges of it (the circle should still be wet at this point, allowing you to easily shape the paper).

Step 11: Using your heat tool, dry your circle until it is no longer wet (the heat "sets" the shape and the dimension that you made by crumpling and bunching in the previous steps).

Step 12: Repeat steps 7-11 for your remaining two circles.

Step 13: Time to get messy! Squeeze some of the white acrylic paint onto your fingertip.

Step 14: Using your fingertip and thumb, spread the white acrylic paint all around the edges of your first circle (this process adds to the distressed look of the finished product!).

Step 15: Repeat steps 13-14 for your remaining two circles.

Step 16: Time for some sparkle! Apply Stickles (or other glitter glue) all around the edges of your first circle.

Step 17: Repeat the "Stickling" process for your remaining two circles and allow to dry.

Step 18: Line your circles up largest to smallest and grab your glue dots.

Step 19: Adhere the middle circle on top of the largest circle, and then the smallest circle on top of the middle circle. It's starting to look like a flower!

Step 20: To create your flower center, string a piece of twine through a button.

Step 21: Next, tie the twine into a bow and trim the excess off.

Step 22: Press your button onto a glue dot.

Step 23: Adhere your button onto the center of your flower.

Here is the finished handmade lollipop flower!!!

Here's a look at the wonderful dimension that using water and then a heat tool adds to the flower!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial for creating handmade lollipop flowers! They are so fun and quick to make. You could use these flowers to embellish your layouts, cards, and other projects!


Nicole said...

Great tutorial, Kristine!!

Barb P said...

Oh, these look like so much fun! I love the Prima flowers but they are a bit pricey; these are just as cute. Gotta try this soon! Thanks for sharing

Dee Dee said...

Very pretty. Love the edges. :)

di2die4 said...

Love this tutorial! Can't wait to try these! Thank you so much!

di2die4 said...

I made your lollipop flower and it is terrific! Thanks so much for the tutorial and please make more tutorials!...Diane

LG said...

So cute. Will surely try this one. TFS!

Tanya C said...

This is fantastic! thanks for the water/ heat tool tip

Alecia Castro said...

OMG, these are the cutest things EVER!!!

Cheryl said...

How totally adorable these are - thank you so much for the tutorial!!

toni said...

wow, great tutorial! Your flower
is just soooooo cute! TFS!

LisaM said...

Awesome tutorial Kris! love the flowers! So cute!

Celeste B. said...

Great tutorial. Love the water/crumpling idea.

PS - love the slide of your kitties too. Your orange cat looks just like mine :)

Sue said...

Beautiful flowers Kris!!

And even better is that you are expecting a baby!! I'm super thrilled for you!!!! Yippeee!!!

Vixykins said...

Great clear tutorial, thanks for sharing x