January 26, 2010

Fun Co-Ed Baby Shower

Over the weekend our friends Amanda and Katy hosted a co-ed baby shower for us on behalf of Dan's coworkers and their families. How sweet of them!

Here's the lovely spread:

Amanda not only baked this cake but she embellished it to exactly match the baby's nursery decor! How cool was that?!

Katy created this super cute diaper cake!

Our little one received a bunch of wonderful gifts! We are so blessed :)

Dan especially likes this set of Minnesota Gophers themed onesies from Andy! He's also really happy about the Minnesota Vikings themed blanket from Chuck!

Here we are with a few of the girls that were there.

It was so great to have some of the guys there, too! They were very fun about it!

Thanks so much Amanda and Katy for arranging this special day for us!

Well I cannot believe how quickly things are flying by. Our little IVF miracle will be here before we know it!


Michelle said...

What a great shower!!! Love the cake!! A few short weeks, and she will be here!! :)

Zoe said...

Oh WOW time does fly by doesnt it! Ceyda is 4 this year. shame we cant keep them babies just a little bit longer!

Meg Giroux said...

that cake is just adorable!! congrats..pretty soon your bundle of joy will be here:)

Janice said...

OHGoodness... what a wonderful group of friends! I am so happy for you Kris... from the bottom of my heart!!
Much love and hugs!!