September 8, 2010

Cards with Kit Leftovers

Hi everyone!

Just sharing a card that I made with some of the leftovers from my September "Life is Good" kit from Scrapbook Daisies.

I have a few more to share but I can't post them here yet because some of the recipients read my blog :)  So I'll share them next week.

While I totally love handmade cards, I usually struggle with making them... I never know where to begin! Once I decided that I should just consider a card to be a mini-layout, and make it similar to the way I would make a layout, it has become a little easier. They are still not a strong point for me but I'm becoming more comfortable with them. I'm loving square-shaped cards, by the way!

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Frances said...

I love your card, and I would never guess you were is really pretty!!