January 18, 2012

LYB Paradise Cycling Team

YAY!!!  The Fed Ex man just brought me a wonderful package...
the new Paradise collection from Little Yellow Bicycle!!!  It's GORGEOUS.

I have to say, I was a bit surprised to receive the delivery at 6:30 P.M....
but what an amazing way to start the evening!

If you haven't seen Paradise yet, here's a look at the collection's flower kit...

That's all I had to see to realize that I NEED this collection!
That's just a little taste... head to the LYB blog to see more.

 I'm sooo excited to have been invited to the Paradise Cycling Team.
I found out over the holidays and am about to get started on the ride.
I hope I can do it justice!


Cathie Rigby said...

Love these colors so vibrant and fun. Thanks for sharing these super cute flowers. Love them. Cathie

Tanya Desmond said...

Holy cow what awesome product- you will certainly rock this!