July 15, 2009


Cheesy smiles, that is. My goddaughter Amber loves to be in front of the camera and seems to get a kick out of making silly faces. These photos are from a couple Summers ago during a visit.

(sketch by Liz Qualman)

Also... string cheese! I love it! It's one of my favorite snacks and I could easily eat some every day. I hope it's not on the "no-no" list; I'd better find out!

Well I'm tired again but the nausea continues to stay away today, yay (I think). I am however feeling rather bloated... wonder if that's normal. I also wonder if it's normal for first-time pregnant women to question every single thing they feel even down to the slightest little itch on the pinky toe?!


Nicole said...

I know just how you feel, Kris!! I had myself totaly convinced I wasn't really pregnant all the way until I heard the heartbeat! It's amazing what this all does to you! HUGS!!

Zoe said...

Tiredness was the biggest thing with me! and it wasnt just the first pregnancy that I questioned absolutely everything either!!!
My nausea came and went but I was never not once physically sick! Stop worrying so much! :) So you have your ultrasound on Monday? Super exciting!

LG said...

Those photos are adorable Kris. Love the way you've scrapped them!