August 27, 2009

New Pic of our Little One!

We had our third ultrasound yesterday and it was amazing! In this picture it looks like our baby is looking right at the camera and might even be waving at us!

My goofball husband always has a way of lightening things up around here... he decided awhile ago to call the baby "Cletus the Fetus"! Sigh LOL

The baby nearly tripled in size since we last saw him/her 3 weeks ago and now its size is measuring within the normal range. What a relief! It is so fun to watch the baby grow. Our next ultrasound will be the big one in about 7 weeks to check the anatomy and hopefully determine the gender. Can't wait for that!

Thanks for stopping by :)


Karen Lopez said...

What great news! That picture is so that nick-name is cute. Gotta love what our husbands come up with. ;) Have a great weekend, Kris. :)

Jcbaron99 said...

I can't wait either - need to start stashing fabric and all :-)

Paige Reed said...

Oh I love little bitty baby in the belly pics!! So sweet and just such a happy miracle! :)

BAHGL said...

Oh Kris, you know I am so excited to hear that little "Cletus" is growing so quickly!! WOO HOO!!!

Dee Dee said...

So happy baby is on target for growth now. :) So exciting that you'll find out the gender soon.