September 28, 2009

Gender Prediction

Is it a boy or a girl? I don't really have a strong gut feeling yet one way or the other. For some reasons I think we're having a boy but then for other reasons I think it's a girl. Of course we are going to be completely thrilled whichever it is but that doesn't decrease how anxious I am to find out!!!

The big ultrasound is still 23 long days away. So in the meantime I've been reading all kinds of old wives tales pertaining to gender prediction. One of the tales says that a fetal heart rate of over 140 means it's a girl, while a rate of under 140 means it's a boy. While this is just a myth, it has a 50/50 chance of being correct, right? lol

Well here are my baby's heart rate measurements so far:
At 7 weeks, 3 days: 129
At 9 weeks, 5 days: 179
At 12 weeks, 5 days: 159
At 16 weeks, 6 days: 150

Hmm... girl??? I hope to find out next month!


DeeDee said...

Not too much longer! So excited for you. :)

Sherri said...

Both my boys had heartbeat consistent with girls. LOL!

I am guessing you are gonna have a boy....just a gut feeling.

LG said...

I think if the heart rat eis fast, its a girl.

Check out this chart too:

the chart got mine right